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SafeGUARD™ Man Down Security System


SafeGUARD is a ‘Man Down’ Security System with leading edge SAFETY Technology for every sheriff, deputy, jail administrator, jailers and officers.

SafeGUARD is a must-have safety system for jailers. The cell phone sized module can be worn on the utility belt and provides an instant panic alarm in case of an emergent fight or alarming outbreak. Multiple monitors protect jailers at same time using high tech system features UNSEEN by competitors.


  • Solid-state gyro and accelerometer allow for low, if any, false triggers as in other systems
  • Signals to base station (works with seamless conjunction to 1220 Jail Control System)
  • Multi-directional signals allow redundancy to ensure an event reached the control console


  • Safety FIRST with total coverage inside jail
  • Timely installation and delivery
  • Provide personnel security
  • Reduce liability
  • Dedicated service and warranty

SafeGUARD works seamlessly with Sydaptic’s 1220 Jail Control System and portfolio of security systems including SyncGUARD: guard tour system, cameras, DVR, video visitation and more.

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