Sydaptic 1220 Control System

Sydaptic’s 1220 is THE LAST
jail control 
system you will
ever purchase.

Sydaptic’s 1220 jail control system offers this high-quality, self-healing programming, and dedicated microprocessor technology that is unmatched with a guaranteed LIFETIME WARRANTY.

At Sydaptic, Inc., we understand that control systems are unique and specific to each correctional facilities layout, floor plans and day-to-day operations. Unlike other companies, we back our 1220 jail control system with a guaranteed lifetime warranty allowing your county to save funding and never have to purchase another system. We take pride in our company being reliable and this warranty allows you the best quality service from the beginning of your contract and beyond.

Features and benefits include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
    • The 1220 comes with an unmatched lifetime warranty and will never be obsolete
  • Scalability
    • Can grow with the facility and has up to 65,535 number of end-points
  • Reliability
    • Has an unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Usability
    • Easy to use with a touch of a finger (if you have the touch screen option)
  • Flexibility
    • Sydaptic designed, developed, and produces this technology and as such, has the edge in a ‘can-do’ attitude to ensure a seamless fit.


Our system has the ability to control not only the doors, intercoms, CCTVs, lights as every other system, but, we also have the ability to control the time of inmate phone visitation, length of time the showers operate which eliminates flooding, the commodes which stops flushing of contraband and we can even control inmate phones.

Jail Controls Sydaptic 1220



All of the door interlocks are open to the facility’s administrator to change—at will.  No need to pay for another service call just to change how doors are interlocked.  The ability to change the time the tank lights turn on or off are also open for modification.  In fact, every control icon, how it works with others are open for modification.  We even allow the facility to add or delete walls.

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