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Sydaptic, Inc. is a company that has been providing diversified electronic designs and consultation to industry as well as academia since 1989. These services range from technical problem solving to complete design, development, and production. The expertise of our design staff encompasses a broad range of disciplines, thus enabling us to provide rapid response to your needs.


Project Understanding and Approach

Sydaptic has a team of experienced engineers, technicians, and professionals to provide a premier solution that combines the experience, knowledge, technology, and quality services required to support a secure, engineered solution for your facility. We use the best in technology to provide a safe, secure, and easy to use jail control system.

State-of-the-Art Jail Control Solution

Sydaptic offers a solution that combines high quality self-healing programming and dedicated microprocessor technology. Sydaptic will meet and, in many cases exceed, your facility’s requirements for this specialized technology and service.

Notable features and benefits of the Sydaptic solution include the following:

    • Scalability :: Sydaptic’s 1220™ system can grow with the facility and has up to 65,535 number of end-points.
    • Reliability :: Sydaptic’s 1220™ system has an un-equaled 5 year warranty.
    • Usability :: Easy to use with a touch of a finger (if you have the touch screen option).
    • Flexibility :: Sydaptic designed, developed, and produces this technology and as such, has the edge in a ‘can-do’ attitude to ensure a seamless fit.

Implementation and Operational Excellence

Sydaptic offers the engineering knowledge and applied “know-how” gained from more than 39 years experience in designing, installing, and supporting control systems. Sydaptic’s installation and implementation strategy centers on three key principals:

  • Detailed planning and management :: Sydaptic will provide the highest quality management and support services possible. The Sydaptic Team, lead by an extremely dedicated and qualified Project and Implementation Manager will develop implementation plans and schedules for the facility. We have designed extensive checkpoints in the install and implementation process to ensure that individual installations are performed correctly and on time.
  • Extensive Support Resources :: The Sydaptic Project Support Team is comprised of members from Sydaptic engineering and field operations departments. Sydaptic provides full management and problem resolution support for the system.

Sydaptic’s comprehensive solution management and support includes the following:

  • Sydaptic’s Executive and Departmental Managers are involved on a daily basis with our customer projects. Combining weekly and monthly reviews to insure on-going operational excellence, we guarantee a fast, responsive problem resolution when required.
  • Highly trained support technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The underlying architecture of the 1220™ system allows engineers at Sydaptic to perform diagnostic, programming, polling, and other problem resolution activities remotely from Technical Support.

Service Continuity

The Sydaptic team will work closely with your County to ensure a smooth, orderly transition of pre-use to full use. The same field technicians instrumental in this transition will be the on-site support giving the County outstanding insight based on support personnel who have been instrumental in the systems installation, checkout, and handover.